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Section Five was born off a platform of personalised service, support and problem solving, with years of experience we’ve found that not only are IT battles won from a support perspective but more so from across a boardroom table. Using best practice methodologies and business standards, we assist your business to make informed decisions and mitigate risks for loss of business continuity and productivity. This is achieved by creating an accurate and reliable IT infrastructure road-map to future proof your systems and infrastructure.

We keep your IT structure safe, with Section Five essentially becoming your business’ IT department by overseeing and involving ourselves in every aspect of your IT Environment. We take it upon ourselves to deal with 3rd party ICT vendors on your behalf, understanding the language, and making sure that no unnecessary long-term costs are incurred through confusing contracts.

Our Support Service Desk understands that every situation and business is unique, and enables your business to effectively have its own IT team consisting of Project Manager, Infrastructure Architect, Support Engineers, and Chief Technical Officer to consult, manage, support, and document your unique environment.






Section Five has designed, and utilizes a unique Security framework that is brand agnostic and dynamic. It fundamentally consists of internationally recognized Business Standards, security best practices, and best of brand products creating a dynamic security dome over your environment through managed policies and processes. In constantly assessing vulnerabilities we identify cracks in infrastructure, processes, and technology to proactively secure your critical systems.

At its most basic, effective cybersecurity monitoring comes down to exception management. With active behavioral monitoring we capture a baseline, and combine critical behavioral monitoring technologies to provide a full 360-degree perspective.

Our SOC analysts conduct in-depth investigations into potential indicators of compromise to understand their contexts within the system in order for us to act and attribute them to specific situations, understand the methods, know the tools, recognize the infrastructure, and then build countermeasures for preventing attacks from them.

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In 2017 ranked in the Top 5 IT Service Providers in Africa, Top 50 EMEA and Top 500 Globally. Section Five is a professional IT services, consultancy and information security company, providing excellence in security standards and high availability of both client data and infrastructure for over 20 years. We think beyond technology and focus on the people it enables instead. After more than two decades in business, we have built a solid reputation for finding robust, practical solutions to business requirements and gained a diverse and satisfied client base. Despite our love for all things tech, you’ll find that we’re surprisingly easy to talk to.

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